STawell  Primary  School

Our Vision

At Stawell Primary School (locally known as 502) we strive to provide a caring and challenging learning environment where all school community members are valued as individuals.

Students are encouraged to develop personal qualities and life skills such as responsibility, independence, inquiring minds, problem solving skills and creativity.

We aim to create opportunities for all to gain the knowledge, skills and values necessary to achieve their personal best in an increasingly complex world.

School Priorities:

While we offer a broad curriculum, Literacy, Numeracy and Information and Communication Technologies remain our highest priorities, as we prepare our students to meet the needs of the modern, fast paced world.

What We Offer:

  1. Highly qualified, dedicated and caring staff.

  2. Comprehensive, engaging curriculum which focuses on the development of strong literacy, numeracy, thinking and leadership skills.

  3. Extensive specialist programs and individualised learning programs.

  4. Comprehensive reporting programs.

  5. An attractive, safe and supportive school environment, with first class facilities.

  6. A strong commitment to student wellbeing, supported by a School Chaplaincy program.

  7. Sporting, camping and Bike Ed programs.

  8. Extended transition programs.

  9. High levels of parental and community involvement and commitment.

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